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Justice for Constable Cook
Feb. 24, 2022
Terry Richardson
Digital: Fiction: Mystery/Crime
This murder/mystery story gives the reader an insight into the Australian attitudes, speech and way of life in the 1970s, as well the workings of under-cover policing in the non-computer age. It also provides vivid illustrations of the Australian outback, and several character studies of vastly different personalities.

It is 1970, exactly one year after the brutal slaying of motorcycle policeman Constable James Cook, on a lonely outback road. The unsolved murder is re-investigated by undercover Detective Al Carmody. He is assisted by his ex-policeman friend Ian, who now operates a livestock truck in the area. In true Australian style, the friends spend as much time and energy teasing and joking with each other as they do probing for answers.
Through liaison channels the NSW Police are joined by an Interpol led task force when a suspect turns out to be wanted by both groups.
This suspect could trigger World War 3 if a stolen stash of diamonds is not found and returned to the owners in a tiny African country.
While investigating the murder and the disappearance of the gems, both agencies reluctantly co-operate until the final, violent outcome robs them all of a chance to nail the culprit.
As the joint operation winds down, several characters are revealed to be more than they appear. Even the late Constable Cook carries a deadly secret.
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Terry Richardson was born in Sydney, Australia, in June, 1955. At the age of five his entire family moved from the city to the outback, as Terry’s builder father constructed houses, sheds, yards and completed renovations on various sheep and cattle stations (ranches). During these early years, Terry and his older brother, Lee, were educated via mail from Sydney, known as “Correspondence School”. Even at this tender age Terry displayed a talent for constructing stories, and writing new outcomes to some children’s classics. In 1964 the family moved to the outback town of Bourke, population 3,000, where his younger brother, Billy was born. The following year they moved sixty miles to the smaller town of Brewarrina, where Terry attended the Central School for both primary, then secondary classes. Despite possessing an extremely high IQ, he was a reluctant student. Maths, Spelling, History, Science and English all held little to no interest to him, but when it came to essay writing, his work was considered first class. Terry’s compositions won him some prizes in local writing contests, but his lack of application in other subjects caused his parents to strongly suggest he leave school and take a job. At the end of the 1970 school year Terry did just that, and started at the Brewarrina Post Office as a Telegram delivery boy and night shift telephone switchboard operator. Quickly tiring of this job, the 16 year old Terry did what so many country kids had done before him. Carrying all his worldly possessions consisting of one suitcase, a sleeping bag and his prized guitar, he boarded the slow “mixed” train from Brewarrina to Sydney, where older brother Lee had previously moved, and was able to offer Terry a room in a classic “Bachelor Pad”. In the big city he tried several occupations, including labourer, surveyor’s assistant, rail worker before training as an automobile mechanic. He then completed just over two years in law enforcement as a sworn Constable. Finding this not to his liking, Terry tried his hand as a truck owner/driver, before finally joining the New South Wales Fire Brigade, (now NSW Fire/Rescue). As a professional firefighter, Terry found his true calling and enjoyed serving at several metropolitan Fire Stations, then three different Country Stations. He later transferred to a Fire Brigade Driving Instructor role back in the city, before finally accepting a position as a Workplace Assessment Officer within NSW Fire/Rescue, where his primary role was to carry out examinations and tests of junior Firefighters as they rose through the ranks or sought extra qualifications. Throughout all this time and these varied occupations, Terry continued writing fictional stories, often based on his wide and different jobs and characters he had encountered.
In July 1971, Terry, aged 16, was introduced to Linda, aged 14, on a classic blind date. The two youngsters experienced an immediate, mutual attraction and have been together ever since. They were married in August 1975 and the union has produced two sons and a daughter. These siblings have, in turn, provided Terry & Linda with 11 grandchildren.
Terry retired from NSW Fire/Rescue in 2011, but the writing continued. He has, to date, self-published two novels and completed five more manuscripts.
Terry & Linda now reside in the NSW coastal town of Macksville, where they have quickly become involved in community matters such as arts & crafts, the local historical club and the Macksville Rugby league club. They share their residence with their two terrier dogs, Rum and Coke.
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