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Finding Peace: Escape from a Self-Made Hell
Feb. 23, 2022
Derrick Turner
Non-fiction: Biography
This book reveals the hardship and struggles of growing up in a dysfunctional family, and how one young man fought the adversities of life.

Born and raised on the low end of Chicago's south side, I was a young boy with a dream of becoming an artist. Little did I know, my life would become a living hell. The struggle with an alcoholic father and co-dependent mother destroyed my chance for success. I became a member of a notorious street gang, and the madness began. As I am trapped inside a world of make-believe love, trial and tribulation sends me falling to my knees in desperate hope of finding peace.
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Derrick Turner was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. He is the youngest of 4 children to his parents, Calvin and Maggie Turner. He attended Hendricks Elementary on the southside of Chicago, where he graduated in 1981 and went on to attend Hyde Park Career Academy, a high school on the eastside of Chicago. After graduating high school in 1985, he enrolled at Columbia College of Chicago, where he continued his education in Fine Arts and Creative writing.

After college, the struggles of life sent him on a long and stressful battle with addiction. He then moved to Memphis to care for his father and hoped to change his life.

After living in Memphis Tennessee for 10 years, he came back to Chicago in 2003, and continued to struggle with addiction until 2009 when God called him back from hell! The following year he moved to Hickory Hills Illinois where he met Yvette Coleman, the love of his life whom he married January 4th 2011.

Six years later Derrick wrote and published his first book, FINDING PEACE, ESCAPE FROM A SELF-MADE HELL. In 2017 Derrick wrote and published 6 more books, FINDING PEACE 2, A WHISPER IN THE WIND, FREE FROM THE FLAMES, I JUST WANNA TALK ABOUT IT, AND THE RESTLESS SOULS OF KARTVILLE 1&2.

Derrick has been clean and sober for 12 years. He continues to share his experience,strength, and hope with his readers. His true life events will have you flipping the pages! His stories are heartfelt, his testimonies are real, up close and personal. His books will capture you and hold you hostage until the very end. You will be begging for more!

His wife continues to encourage him. She is the backbone of his success.
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