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Abyrdeen's Dream: A Novel Series, Dawn of a Legacy
Feb. 23, 2022
Caryn Kathryne MacFadyen ( CKF MACPHADYEN )
Fiction: Thriller
First book in a series, depicting the explosive yet extreme acclaim of this only non-tainted member of her rather precarious, well prominent, corrupt, corrosive as well as influential family. Miss Abyrdeen Catherine Lochbuie, aspiring, increasingly respected writer in her own, right may come more and more as a major threat as well as positive influence and marked tenure amidst her era of dire challenges as well as increasing imminent descent of her writing accomplishments which poses negative as well as proper restoring of her family name and honor which only she could. As the last and only non-tainted well respected member of her otherwise evil, dark and manipulative family establishments and institution.
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My initial and full name; Caryn Kathryne Frances MacFadyen, born and raised as well as adopted in both Scotland/Britain and here in the U.S. Spent much of my younger years and early adulthood between 3 countries including France where my natural mother’s side of my family were from. Did my undergraduate work in Scotland as well as in Marseille France and my graduate work in the U.S. specifically in California. Always had a passion for writing, and had become quite good at short stories and songwriting at a very young age, as well as I was accomplished in both music and dance throughout my younger years. I spent much of my early years meandering between both Europe and the U.S. pursuing my professional goals as a writer as well as my passions for flight and aviation. I spent most of my time alone as I did not have any siblings and or real family to bond with so I focused my attention much to my professional endeavors. I have spent most of my 40 plus years here in the U.S. in California as well as Texas and Georgia. This story began to start taking root within me early in the late 80s into the early 90s. As I saw the world changing around us as we did. This story and its purpose for society to engage and reap from had continued to grow and manifest within me. Being from both inside and outside of this country, I had the advantage of seeing life and this world from both perspectives and many like me were able to see what was truly happening even as at the time of the Soviet Union and the collapse of initial Communism came crashing down amidst the European Union’s more balanced and more openness of society was taking shape. Here in America and North America was already turning away from their true democratic and openness which has led to what we see happening today. My story and this series touches deeply on the last turn of the century with the turbulence and revolutionary revolt of that period, along with people like my antagonist and those around her whom persevere and challenge a very stubborn and deliberately ignorant society then whom fed off racial, religious as well as gender for whom would and could excel and or succeed and change the world as it was tangibly seen.
Diana Appleseed
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