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Grace To Do It With Dignity
Feb. 23, 2022
Jacqueline Brown (‘C’ JPB)
Digital: Non-fiction: Advice
This book will help you to become free and delivered from those bondages which impede your progress to go forward.
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Born in Wilmington, North Carolina, Bishop Jacqueline P. Brown developed a unique and genuine love for God, His people, and a strong passion for music. Bishop Brown grew up in a Christian home, learning the oracles of God and accepting the inevitable call upon her life to carry out His will. It is no secret to what God has done and is yet doing in Bishop Brown's musical profession. At the tender age of six, she first sat down at the piano to begin her lifelong career as an accomplished musician. She has been gifted with the talent of being a lyricist, composer, and recording artist. Bishop Brown, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, established a group called “The Jackie Brown Singers,” which consists of anointed, Holy Ghost filled, talented singers who proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of music. To her credit are two albums: “Changed My Life" (1979), and "I Love the Lord” (1989)
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