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Samson the Modern Day America: Is America Doomed?
Feb. 23, 2022
Stephen Ray Williams
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
This book begins with the story of Samson, the only person in the Bible to hold incredible physical strength. He was born to live a life of service to the Lord, ordained by God to be a Nazirite, and destined to judge and rule the Philistines. Samson's life is then compared to the powerful country of America, which was once a nation of people seeking a place of worship and service to God. Through time, both Samson and America acquired power that any entity would want. However, a common weakness leads them both to destruction. Discover the cause of a great man's fall and its shocking similarity to the struggle of a powerful country. Backed with Biblical scriptures, Samson: The Modern-Day America is a book that holds nothing short of the key to a struggling country's redemption.
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About the Author

Stephen Ray Williams is a retired electrician. Born again at the age of ten he is gifted with a natural talent and magnificent aptitude for math. Williams was able to show and display his natural gift at an early age, teaching a second semester math class at the age of eleven. His logical and analytical mind also brought him a chess trophy (third in the State in the Junior Division) at the age of thirteen and an award for the world's largest unofficial Magic Math Square in his ninth grade science fair at the age of fourteen. As Williams' extensive knowledge was acknowledged, opportunities to share it were in demand. He taught one class in Number Theory at the Oral Roberts University in his mid-twenties with two math formulas he discovered. Williams had a math formula copyrighted. He also earned a Doctor of Naturopathy Certificate, a drug-free medical treatment. He won a baseball trophy in his teens. He played a cornet for five years. He also played a fiddle for five years. He square danced for seven years, involved in two square dance exhibitions, and a total of fifteen clubs. Williams has written one praise song, one hymn, and one fiddle hoedown. He has written several poems about his best friend (an orange tabby cat named Tiger Ray). The poems have been published in eight books, two of which went international; one became a song and got up to a national release. He has also won four trophies for his poems about Tiger Ray!
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