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DEEP IN THE WOODS: The 1935 Kidnapping of 9 year old George Weyerhaeuser --Film/TV
Nov. 18, 2021
Bryan Johnston
Non-fiction: True crime
In 1935, nine-year-old George Weyerhaeuser, heir to one of the wealthiest families in America, is snatched off the streets two blocks from his home. The boy is kept manacled in a pit, chained to a tree, and locked in a closet. The perps—a career bank robber, a petty thief, and his nineteen-year-old never-been-in-trouble Mormon wife—quickly become the targets of the biggest manhunt in Northwest history. The caper plays out like a Hollywood thriller with countless twists and improbable developments. Perhaps the most astonishing thing of all, though, is how it all ends.

“Soon after the Lindbergh kidnapping, and long before Patty Hearst, there was George Weyerhaeuser. Bryan Johnston’s meticulous research brings alive the historical figures behind the snatch of a poor, rich boy and those people affected by it...including the victim! The Venn diagram for lovers of history, court dramas, and true crime investigations overlap at Deep in the Woods.” —Kevin Flynn, true crime author and co-host, “Crime Writers On...”
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Published 9/14/2021 -Post Hill Press
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See sizzle reel: https://vimeo.com/470689729

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