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Theory of Rebellion 2
Feb. 23, 2022
Melissa Smith
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Rock Star Melody the vocalist of the band Theory of Rebellion reads her experiences and thoughts from her high school journal. Believes that having a boyfriend will not make her happy. Despite meeting the man of her dreams who happens to have a crush on her. Her friends are the ones who want to help bring happiness into her life by hooking up with the man of her dreams. She knows that he cannot fix the way she feels about her life the way it is. It took getting beaten up at school for her friends to finally give her real help.
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It's her Author debut. She's here to entertain you. She uses her love of music, sciences, and education. To share a story for all across the nation. This first-time author has a background in education. As a substitute teacher for preschool to 8th grade. Later she became an Instructional Assistant, primarily working in classes for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for many years. Her music experience includes having played lead guitar in a garage band for a year. In high school, she played guitar in her school's jazz band and sang in too many choirs to count, both at school and in the community starting at age 7. Melissa later went on to earn an Associate degree in music arts and have compiled course work in the science of education and special education.
Learning about science and Ethnomusicology are fun Hobbies of hers. Favorite forms of entertainment for Melissa are science fiction, comic books, anime, and manga. The writing style for this debut fiction novel is influenced by a method of helping people with correcting unwanted behaviors and feelings. The main character first writes about emotion and the event that caused it. When she later reads what she went through, she can better assess the situation without the influence of the moment.

Melissa is currently working on a series of short stories and a science-fiction drama novel. "Theory of Rebellion" has a Facebook page #ThoeryofRebellion and you can follow her on Instagram @MelsRebellion. Both social media pages have poems by Melissa and art she created inspired by "Theory of Rebellion".
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