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Even In Arcadia, There Was I
Nov. 18, 2021
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
While the protagonist stays in a virtual reality nursing home, Arcadia, the protagonist detects conspiracies there and chases after the truth.

Prove your existence in Arcadia, where life and death, human and non-human co-exist.

Arcadia is a virtual reality nursing home in Asteroid Yicheon. People pass their data to a giant AI called Mother and become an avatar there. So-called “Another Choice” is a process that changes the status of existence for those who don’t want to die nor to live forever. In Arcadia, there are mostly AIs, and only few are humans who come for Another Choice. And there are also tourists who come to see the glitch which happens when an avatar/data is terminated.

The protagonist, Bae Seung-ye is sent to Arcadia while her real body gets medical treatment. There was an accident at her space passenger ship Tereshkova and somehow, Federal Space Force has saved her, sacrificing more of their lives. Bae thought that’s because she’s one of the rare, real “human”, or Yicheon has named after a Korean figure. Bae is familiar with Arcadia since she’s been there with her grandmother when she was young. But as she roams around Arcadia, she starts feeling something’s going on there and thinking that there might be some other reasons why she’s sent there.

She meets Rada Moon, who was a babysitter of Bae. By talking with Rada and other AIs, she learns that there’s a war going on and that she was used by them for the battle. Some entities of a tribe called Melusine wanted to prove that they are not imaginary creatures, so they formed the Shadow Corps to build an empire, The Only Truth. But Shadow Corps had been evolved in a way that nobody expected, and as they were out of control, finally war was triggered. The Mother, who made and control Arcadia, allows them to use Arcadia as a battleground, expecting a fresh, creative story from the Shadow Corps. And Bae wonders if she was already an AI even before coming to Arcadia.
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Djuna's latest novel Counterweight's English rights are sold to PRH in 2021, and their collections of short stories and novels Everything Good Dies Here and Not Yet God will be published in the USA by Kayapress.
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