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Those Who Read The Minds Of Evil
Nov. 18, 2021
Kwon Il-yong, Ko Na-mu
Non-fiction: General/Other
Non-fiction crime book by Korea's first profiler Kwon Il-yong and experienced biographer Ko Na-mu. Recommended for those who are fans of Mindhunter. This title includes the profiling record of Korea's most notorious serial killer, Yoo Young-chul.

If Those Who Read the Minds of Evil is different from many other books that deal with profiling or profilers, it is because this book is authentic non-fiction based on the experiences of not a mere criminal psychologist but former chief superintendent Kwon Il-yong, Korea’s first profiler. The story recounts the birth of Korea’s first criminal profiling team and its remarkable performance at crime scenes, despite continued pushback from conventional customs and norms. So this title can be said as a biography about innovations of Korea's first profiling team. The readers will be able to experience the world of profilers who must willingly step into the darkroom-like minds of serial killers.

This realism that takes readers right to the scene of the crime with a formidable sense of presence is due to the journalistic principles of co-author Ko Na-mu. In order to fully identify with the subject of the report and give a feeling of reality to the text, the author not only closely covered Kwon Il-yong for many years, but also tried to follow his movements at the time of investigations, and even checked the weather at the time through the Korea Meteorological Administration, to avoid any mistakes. From the killer’s tone, appearance, and spatial description to the dialogue at the time of in-depth interrogation, he tried to convey as much as possible what was drawn from the interviewees’ memory. To this end, it is only natural that a thorough investigation of the abundant key data related to the incident was carried out. With such tenacious efforts and the use of rich biographical coverage techniques, the co-author has created a uniquely powerful depiction.


Foreword_Those who chase a monster
1. Report on Korea's First Profiling
2. Unsolved Problem
3. I Know The Face of The One Chasing Me
4. The Psychology in EQUUS
5. The Interview Game
6. Confabulation Sentiment
Conversation_Is Kim Dae-du a monster born by the era?
Review_The painful history from crimes should not be repeated
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South Korean television series, Through the Darkness, starring Kim Nam-gil, Jin Seon-kyu and Kim So-jin, is upcoming.
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