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Spiritual Food for a Searching Soul
Feb. 23, 2022
Fr. Joseph Bellerive, JCD
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
The books are nothing else than a call for common sense and humility to accept that we are not our own creators. Someone who is greater than us created us: His name is God. People from other religions may identify Him differently but there is one God who created us all. So many people of our society and political spectrum are confused. They know what they are doing but to remain in power, they tend to encourage their citizens to focus on the passing dimension of our being while they ignore the most essential element of our lives. Leaders can encourage their nations to explore lifestyles such as transgenderism, homosexuality, abortions and so on, but none of these choices can really fill the heart of a human person. On a liberal and progressive level, these promotions may appear to be great accomplishments a leader can offer during his governance. However, we are more than this because we all will have a last day on earth and we all need to think about it. It means that we need to open our minds and our hearts to look for something deeper which can give us happiness both here and, in the world, to come. In God we find the answer.
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Fr. Joseph Bellerive is a Canon Lawyer and an opera singer. He received his Canon Law degree in Strasbourg and in Paris, France. He also received his musical training at the “Conservatoire international de Musique” in Paris, France. After six years of studying guitar, he decided to focus more on violin from which he received the “Premier Prix de Conservatoire”. As a young musician, he played with symphony orchestras in Canada, France and Germany. Today, he performs and plays solo works when he is not singing opera. In addition, Father Joseph received his vocal training from the “Conservatoire de Paris” with Mrs. Gisèle Dechorgnat and with Xavier Le Maréchal. He received post graduate training with William Perry at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada.
He made his professional debut in Paris as Rinaldo in the opera Rinaldo by Händel and received the “Premier Prix de Conservatoire '' (First Prize of Conservatory). He then appeared as Oroveso in Norma by Bellini and as Julius Caesar in “Giulio Cesare '' by Händel, as Zurga in the Pearl Fishers by Georges Bizet. He later specialized in the Rossini style and has sung several roles such as Mahometto in “the Siege of Corinthe'', Mustafa in “L’italiana in Algeri”, and Gaudenzio in “Il Signor Bruschino.” In 2004, Fr. Joseph won the “Prix d’excellence de chant” (Excellence Prize of singing) in Paris, and since then, has appeared regularly in Notre Dame de Paris, the church of La Madeleine, the church of St. Roch, in some of the Paris concert Halls, in the hall of “Sociedad Bilbaina'' of Bilbao in Spain, in Germany (Rottenburg, Unna Massen, Dortmund and Delbrück), in Slovakia (Bratislava, Kosice), in Check Republic (Brno). He has also performed recitals in Canada and in the United States.
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