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I've Been Here Before
Nov. 17, 2021
Na Duo
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Na Duo, a writer of suspenseful works, published his new novel I've Been Here Before based on real events.

From the first sentence of the novel, lots of suspense keeps touching your heart. Based on a real event, the story tells a desperate truth in a prosperous city, where an ordinary person commits crazy crimes because of his dignity. Pending cases were re-investigated, and the murderer was arrested. When I read this story for the first time, my heart was full of disappointment and sadness. When I read this story for the second time, I still feel sad, but I can also feel that people care about each other. This story is full of suspense, and its ending is very sad.


Na Duo, whose real name is Zhao Yan, is a native of Shanghai. He worked as a civil servant and journalist, and then started a business. Now he is a full-time writer. He began publishing his works in 2001 and has written more than thirty novels, including the Three Kingdoms series, the Na Duo Handbook series, and the Witchcraft series. The total sales volume of his works is up to millions of copies. After 2012, his works has shifted to the present and is known for his interrogation of human nature. He has published crime/society novels including Murder Cases in Nineteen Years and Knight's Sacrifice, and I've Been Here Before published in 2021 is his new works to explore human nature and the essence of life.
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