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Dreams Unseen
Feb. 23, 2022
Walter Pierce
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Hideo is an imaginative Japanese High School student who dreams of being like the manga heroes he reads about and gets his chance. He is endowed with the power of open doorways to other realms and must take his place among a people in a different world to overcome the evil forces of Maubuus.
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I am an imaginative person that has always loved Science Fiction. I was inspired to write a "manga" during my travels to Japan.

My name is Walter Pierce, I am the author of the story. I was inspired by this tale while living in Japan for three years. A friend, Hiroyuki, and I came up with an idea to enter a manga contest. I would be the writer, and he is the artist. Due to circumstances, we were not able to complete the partnership. I did write the short manga that expanded into Dreams Unseen. It is intended for manga lovers or comic books like the X-Men or television shows like ThunderCats.
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