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A Mother-Father Complex (Poetry)
Feb. 23, 2022
Anders Wennerstrom
Fiction: General/Other
This book is about love, which makes a woman both into a lover and a mother of the one who feels outside and makes a negation of a person’s manhood when he thinks it’s only he who counts. This book also speaks about a father who makes himself into a defender of pleasures, not necessarily his own pleasures but others’ pleasures, most certainly, and also mine.
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My journey in life has been very much a struggle. To be understood by my surrounding and by comrades, teachers and authorities has not always been so easy for me. I think language is key for both my problems to come across in certain situations and to be respected for who I am.

My language is so to speak both my blessing, but early in life also the reason why I wasn’t understood. I am sure many can nod at these phrases and recognize oneself. To be recognized for who you are is kind of everybody’s little mission with life but all so difficult to achieve. So, this is the main reason why I have chosen an artistic way in life, that is, to be able to communicate myself, my thoughts and ideas, my desires, and my passion for justice, and that means everybody’s justice is what makes art and literature necessary for me. But way back all started with sport and I did sport until I was twenty-twenty two something.

I saw sport, and to quote Susan Sontag, as a perfect metaphor for war. This war I depicted when I fantasized about a sport career was very much based on a strategic mind that liked (still likes) to construe situations of drama, heroism and passion, and with a cold mind and a warm heart finding solutions to the high pressure on the pitch was an adventure I created beforehand doing any action at all. But this was also about poetry.

To pass the ball in the right moment to the right addressee with a feeling in the touch of the ball so that the team mate easily could receive it and do something with it was for me a beauty of poetry in the sport you in the USA call soccer. Too conclude this, these little words above can’t depict my life in its depth, but the most important words and phrases say at least something about me that is undeniably about my personality.
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