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The Seedling Papers
Feb. 23, 2022
Richard Quinn
Digital: Fiction: Mystery/Crime
The story is about a man driven to accomplish greatness, and the prodigy who discovers him alive in a world where he is thought to be long dead. He suffers greatly for his arrogance within the passage of this tale, set in part during the Holocaust.
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If not for my ten brothers and sisters, I might have been an only child. I grew up near Lake Superior in Michigan’s north, learning about forests and farming, music and books. I joined the Navy during Vietnam, then attended Michigan State University with hopes of being a doctor. I became a carpenter. I’ve been told it was a decision that spared lives. For many years I worked as a sometimes journalist, blending the two endeavors whenever time and income allowed. The Seedling Papers has stewed in me for years. It is completed, as you will see, and I am chasing new adventures.
Richard Quinn has been recognized for writing excellence over the past many years. His short story, “A Connecticut Yankee Two Fathoms Down, a tribute to Mark Twain, was published in the Dec. 10, 1989 edition of The Hartford Courant’s Northeast Magazine. And he has been recognized by the New England Press association for his penning of humorous columns, which appeared weekly in The Southington Observer. And now that he has retired his carpenter tools, he has taken up the pen yet again to create The Seedling Papers.
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