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Jan. 25, 2022
Carlo Lucarelli
Fiction: Thriller
Grazia Negro is one of Carlo Lucarelli’s best-loved characters and Almost Blue, one of
his finest novels, has sold over 150,000 copies.
The Iguana, one of the blood-thirstiest serial killers, has escaped. And now his newest
obsession might be to get revenge on the policewoman who arrested him.
Grazia Negro is in the maternity ward of the Sant’Orsola hospital, still under the effects
of anesthesia and yet happy. She has finally become what, after so many vicissitudes, she
discovered she wanted to be: a mother. No more investigations, no more deaths, no more
hunting down monsters. This is why she is smiling, even though she is still dazed after her
But a normal life doesn’t seem to be in store for her.
Almost before she has time to see her twins babies, before she can even touch them, a
nurse takes them away, while a former colleague from the flying squad pushes her bed out
into the hall. The Iguana, the insane murderer who, years before, had singled out students
at the University of Bologna, has committed a massacre and escaped from the psychiatric
hospital where he was held; Negro is responsible for having put him there. Hidden with
her children in a safe and secret location – which might not be all that safe and secret –
Grazia is like a caged lioness ready to protect her cubs, because the threat also involves
them. Only two people can help her. A taxi driver who knows that he transported the
criminal in his car but can’t remember what he looks like and, thus, where he left him.
And above all, Simone, the blind young man whose help was fundamental in capturing
the Iguana and who, after a complicated relationship with Grazia, left her and began isolating himself once again in his sight-impaired world.
But not everything is clear in this incident. The danger that looms over Grazia and the city
might be even more frightening than they believe.
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France (Métailié), Germany (Folio Verlag)
Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
phone: +390115656204
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