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HEALING MIND: : Five Steps to Ultimate Healing, Four Rooms for Thoughts: Achieving Satisfaction through a Well Managed Mind
Feb. 22, 2022
Janice L. McDermott
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Psychological and theological concepts merge more effectively than ever to create an incredible inner peace for the religious and non-religious alike. The result is soul freedom—a confident and unique way of being that has the potential to overcome the world through profound Love.
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JANICE MCDERMOTT, M.ED, LCSW—co-founder of the Gestalt Institute
and NLP Center of Atlanta received both her Master's in Education (’76)
and Master's in Social Work (’86) from Louisiana State University. Her
Gestalt Diploma is from the Gestalt Institute of New Orleans (’87) with
additional years of training at the Esalen Institute of California. She is a
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Diplomate, a School Social Work
Specialist, a certified Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner, and an Affiliate of
the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Janice has been teaching patterns of communication and her Sacred Trust: Inner-Child™ model since 1997. In addition, she co-authored the classroom edition (’06) and the counselor’s edition (’12), of Grand Ideas from Within™ a language enhancing mindfulness program that meets the language arts Core Education Standards using pre-recorded, daily creative imagery activities for pre-teens and adults—introduced first in Louisiana and Mississippi schools as a substance abuse prevention program.
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