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XENO TRANSPLANT: The Throne of the Red Jaguar
Oct. 4, 2021
David Ursin
Fiction: Thriller
A TaleFlick-Pick award winner novel, nurse Chelsea Dahl, in the first of a two book series, works in a transplant clinic in a university research hospital and suspects her patients are receiving genetically engineered kidneys instead of the human donor kidneys they consented for. She secretly gathers evidence to expose this but discovers too late that the Doctor's plan involves the rebirth of the ancient Mayan empire through the use of DNA extracted from a recently excavated ancient Mayan priestess. The story grows to include other ancient cultures, placing the entire world in jeopardy in the following and concluding novel - XENO TRANSPALNT:The Last Valkyrie.
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David Ursin
phone: 5087977911
P.O. Box 446, Holden, MA 01520
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