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Zodiac’s Power for Change through Poetry
Oct. 16, 2021
Robert M. Lorenz
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
Through poetry, Zodiac’s Power for Change is about the spiritual journey through the Zodiac signs. Most people look for the goal at the end of the journey without knowing the path itself. As this book blends different archetypes together from Biblical, Buddhist, Chakras, and Elements, it becomes an explanation of each stage. The author helps you recognize each sign as you learn the lesson from it to assist you on moving to the next stage. The goal at the end is to be gathered to the Creator, but through compassion, it explains what occurs if you don’t make it through all of them in our short lifetime.


Everyone sees the Zodiac as who they are,
Through time, they never raise the bar.
There is a way to gain its power,
Through the path, we can become a strong tower.

Through this path, a person can change,
Each stage of our life, it will rearrange.
Through the cycle that the Zodiac knows,
Everyone will see as it shows.

Through the Hope that we need,
The Belief begins to seed.
Through Knowledge, we begin to learn,
As Wisdom comes to discern.

The Power comes close to the end,
As Love allows us to blend.
Each stage lets us grow,
As the path begins to show.

First, many are the choices we make,
As each step we take,
No matter how big or small,
Every outcome will alter our call.

Through the Zodiac, we learn the way,
As we keep to the path each day.
Later on, we learn of our connection,
Through every person, no matter our direction.

If we knew the day our life would end,
Would we make a different choice as our path will bend?
Here is a story that makes us think,
That teaches us life is but a wink.

A man had a watch that he wore,
It showed how many years until life was no more.
As it calculated every year, month, and day,
It showed twenty years until he went the final way.

After working a long night,
He arrived at home to see the porch light.
Entering the house and seeing his wife,
He knew she was upset and filled with strife.

As the argument started at that moment,
She accused him of cheating as words were spoken.
He rejected her claims that she said,
As blood began to rush to his head.

Continuing to spout words of hate,
His blood pressure raised, but it was too late.
The watch began beeping a loud sound,
He tried to look as he dropped to the ground.

Twenty years before the argument started,
Became days as his life departed.
As the days became hours and minutes,
The pain in his chest showed the body had limits.

As his wife knelt by his side,
Apologizing through the tears; she cried.
Within seconds the watch sounded a long, dull tone,
His body didn’t move, not even a bone.

As his two children figured out what occurred,
They came downstairs at the sound they heard.
Their father they saw, and continued to shake,
Soon, they realized that he would not wake.

Through the story about the man and his wife,
Their decision would have extended his life.
If he walked away before his blood pressure rose,
He could have been alive and avoided the throes.

If his wife didn’t assume the worse,
He wouldn’t have taken a ride in a hearse.
Through one decision affected four lives,
All it would have taken is two people to realize.

If twenty years didn’t lessen,
To how many lives would he seem like a blessing?
Even if a person touches one life a week,
Fifty-two a year would change as they began to seek.

Would those continue to reach out to others?
Ten percent would seek out sisters and brothers.
As they continue the path,
The change will grow; just do the math.

Now back to the wife and their kids,
The change has affected them as life skids.
Depending on their outcome, good or bad,
Finances, depression, and fear makes them sad.

If no one is willing to lend a hand,
This family may not stand.
Even an ear to listen as they worry,
Are you the worthy one or are you in a hurry?

Through this book, I hope you realize the truth,
As each day, we can be the root.
Every life is connected through experiences.
We dwell in a world filled with differences.

Our decisions affect others when we connect,
As each thing we choose may not be correct.
Everyone’s path is following the same spiritual and physical way,
As the whole plan has a part for all of us to play.

I don’t follow one religion or way.
But since I believe in Jesus, I know what you say.
I would be a Christian by all right
But contradicting as I come in the light.

As I studied and meditated on these things,
I learned the wealth knowledge could bring.
As everything is a puzzle as this teaches,
Religion, mythology, science, and astrology are its pieces.

So, let’s begin this journey of a lifetime,
As we use many a guideline.
Through the Zodiac as each stage,
You will see it doesn’t matter what your age.

Emotions, Actions, and Chakras play a part,
As the changes begin to start.
Buddhist’s Eightfold path keep us in line,
As we change the world and begin to shine.
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