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New Waves of European Graphic Design
Oct. 1, 2021
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The European graphic design has been standing in the forefront of graphic design, which is admired and amazed by graphic designers around the world. Its bold, creative layout and unique processing on color and light are always the ideal target for designers to learn and research. New Waves of European Graphic Design displays the excellent works of designers from Europe. The form of projects included in the book are mainly physical materials, including posters, album cover, books, magazines, leaflets, cards, etc. The text focuses on the designer’s creative concept, design methods and ideas, materials and print finishes and other relative information. It will analyze in detail for the readers about the uniqueness of 60 European graphic designs from creativity to realization.
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1- Acid Graphic is a very popular aesthetic trend in visual design.

2- Illusion, collision, nostalgia, pixel, glitch, including the five hottest design styles at the moment.

3- 60 European graphic design works from creativity to realization

4- Five heavy professional design tutorials explain the teaching and production of acid works in detail.

From the editorial team

1- As for the students who are studying graphic design, especially for those who major in design, they are in a phase of exploring and learning. This book includes the latest graphic design trend and style overseas, showing representative design works and the way of designing. Not only can it help readers to know about what the rising designers from abroad are creating, but also how to design great works just like them. This book combined the professional knowledge with trendy design, which is no doubt highly attractive to buyers.

2- During the learning process, keeping up with the trend and learning more design methods can be beneficial to students, helping them agilely use their knowledge at work in the future and apply new design skill at the same time fulfill the commercial needs. By doing so, they can design more visual works that differ from the traditional design methods, helping them attract clients’ attention in fierce market competition.

3- In an era of aesthetic fatigue, clients themselves want products that can stand out, so they care more about the uniqueness and the popularity of the visual style.
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