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Vita mortale e immortale della bambina di Milano (The Mortal and Immortal Life of the Girl from Milan)
June 17, 2022
Domenico Starnone
Fiction: General/Other
An enchanting novel, the unique voice of one of today's greatest authors.
Children can be anything they want. An explorer, a sailor, a shipwreck survivor or a “caubboy,” Hector or Ulysses. Children can fall in love as they look at the pale blue balcony of the building across the street. Especially if the girl with the black braids is dancing her persuasive and dangerous dance on that balcony.
For a love like this, a courageous boy can perform extreme feats, duels to the death, even speak Italian. His grandmother – who endlessly adores him – keeps vigil over his boasting, as she sits in a corner of the kitchen. She isn't good with words but is not lacking in imagination. When, bolstered by her long widowhood, she tells him about the grave of the dead, she carves indelible images in her grandson's mind. Down there, underneath a marble slab that you have to be careful to close, blows "‘nu viento, guagliò, che è accussì forte ca raspa le muntagne e fa in cielo e in terra una farinata di polvere gialla come il tufo” [a wind, my boy, that is so strong that it rasps the mountains and makes a gruel of dust as yellow as tuff in the sky and on the ground]. And one rainy day, when the boy glimpses a rectangular stone behind the hedge in the courtyard, he is convinced that he has found the mysterious grave. He hears sinister thuds coming from it. But how to raise the slab? The years pass, childhood friendships fade, new loves arrive, and that almost invisible grandmother who possesses the key to the underworld, with her brazen dialect, proves to be a surprising resource for passing a linguistics exam and saving the girl from the grave of the dead forever. Memory is a form of fiction and his imagination has never stopped courting the memory of his young, dancing friend. But everything adds up. Time ironically closes the circles of mortal life – and of immortal life, too.
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China (Simplified language - Archipel Press), France (Fayard), Israel (Keter Books), Portugal (Guerra & Paz), Serbia (Laguna), World English rights (Europa Editions), World Spanish rights (Lumen)
Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
phone: +390115656204
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