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Un bacio dietro al ginocchio (A Kiss Behind Your Knee)
Sept. 13, 2021
Carmen Totaro
Fiction: General/Other
When Ada wakes up inside the bathtub, the water has become lukewarm; she discovers she is
locked in the bathroom and thinks she was absent-minded. Her daughter, Elisa, had drawn the bath for her a few hours earlier, a thoughtful gesture on her part. They had gone out to dinner together, one of those dinners full of silences and unresolved tension, and this is one of the reasons Ada had exaggerated with the alcohol. Maybe she had inadvertently locked herself in and then lost the key.
Now she is confused, she can’t remember clearly anymore. She calls to Elisa through the door but no one answers. She doesn’t know that all the gas stove knobs in the kitchen have been opened. As Ada calls for help, Elisa is already far away, far from that apartment, far from Milan, far from the life of a model university student that she had invented for her mother’s sake and can suddenly no longer bear. She goes to Genoa and boards a ferry, with the intention of disappearing into thin air.
Twenty years old is a fragile age, especially today. Exposed to doubts, to the expectations of others, and to failure. Children can snap in front of our eyes without us even realizing it. Ada goes in search of her daughter but, in doing so, she is forced to retrace the stages of their relationship, to search out the warning signs of the crisis, to interpret the silences, and to go even further back, to her marriage, to her youth. It is a journey that will lead her to unknown parts of Milan and to remote and shameful corners of her own past.
Carmen Totaro, with a clear writing style, a progression that offers no respite, and a unique sensitivity for the details that can encompass the meaning of an entire relationship, has written an unforgettable story about the estrangement between a mother and daughter, and their ultimate discovery that they have changed and are perhaps more deeply wounded but also more open to reciprocal comprehension and forgiveness.
Valeria Zito
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