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L'arte di legare le persone - The Art of Tying People
Sept. 13, 2021
Paolo Milone
Fiction: General/Other
In these past months, how many times have we found ourselves talking about doctors: heroes,
martyrs, victims... Actually, rhetoric aside, they are men and women who are exposed
to suffering. Fragile, fallible, mortal. For forty years, Paolo Milone worked in an
emergency psychiatric ward, and this is exactly what he recounts. No holds barred.
Part Grey’s Anatomy and part Ronald Laing, sometimes even with laughter, the bursts
and flashes of his portraits offer us a completely new gaze, rendering the dismay and the
impotence, the curiosity, the passion, the exasperation, and the endless chain of questions
that anyone who has chosen to “look into the abyss through the eyes of others” collects.
There is nothing rhetorical in these pages. There is a proliferation of stories, and the power of life that stops before nothing. There are nurses, doctors, patients, passers-by, acquaintances, those who have fallen on one side and those who have fallen on the other of
that “well-thrown toss of the dice” that separates the healthy from the sick.
Readers will not put this book down without feeling a deep and lasting emotion, without
looking at the mentally ill in a completely different way, and, above all, without immediately discussing it with someone.
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