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T.J. Caputo the Kitchen Witch of New Jersey
Sept. 9, 2021
Margaret Sexton Egan
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
There is nobody less likely to be magical than TJ Caputo. Her life consists of attending school, working at her father’s fish market, and hanging out with her one and only friend Jackie Giordano.

A loud, brash, rough-around-the-edges Jersey Girl, when TJ meets the other mysterious and glamorous members of her coven a week after her sixteenth birthday, she is certain they must have made a mistake. But TJ quickly discovers that, in fact, she is a powerful Kitchen Witch, able to concoct spells concealed within delectable meals.

As TJ’s magical abilities strengthen, she uses them to improve her boring and predictable life. First, when she casts a spell to secure a summer job at The Shanty, the coolest spot down the shore and the place where the wealthy and popular crowd gather. And secondly, by using magic to make Golden Boy Tucker Wentworth, her longtime summer crush, fall in love with her.

TJ’s plans go awry however when her handsome yet frustrating coworker Saeed Almonte suspects that she may be hiding something.

We follow TJ through a life-changing summer, as she learns lessons about magic, relationships, self-acceptance, and what truly makes us powerful.
Margaret Egan
phone: 2012596148
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