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INSPIRE: A Love Letter attached with empowerment to Silicon Valley
Sept. 4, 2021
Jewels Rottiers
Non-fiction: Memoir
She created alongside mavericks, traversed with celebrities as they ascended into International fame then rippled into an ocean of disruptive in a good way innovators which lead to the evolution of empowerment + lets scale girls rising. Carry with you a memoir written as a love letter about a tech girl raised by Silicon Valley.

The trip of my life features stories of what it was like to play the piano backstage with Frank Sinatra as a child in the Circle Star theater plus escape from the International paparazzi as Clint Eastwood ran for Mayor of Carmel. Then granted a rare ticket to the Jedi Academy training at Lucasfilm during its golden era when George Lucas came back to do the prequels for Star Wars. Evolving further into a female entrepreneur collaborating with luminaries including Deepak as he taught me how Syncrodestiny connects, innovating with tech companies, then awakening more immersing into the Native Americans ways and mentored by humanitarian Jean Houston. Lived and Survived by Jewels Rottiers https://www.alovelettertosiliconvalley.com www.jewelsrottiers.com

The world is searching for stories of women rising while awakening and they are investing in it. The book will be a hot sauce topic as it attracts a wide array of readers interested in: spirituality, technology, filmmaking, elephant water skiers, entertainment, innovation, famous peeps, indomitable women and essential humanitarians.

The masters have embedded within me vast knowledge of sales, partnerships,
creation and the need for storytelling in humanities evolution. Industry diverse social media followers and contacts are ready to dive into my creations. Proven success in a magnitude of large scale initiatives creating evolutionary empowerment literature is now a legacy mission. An active honorary member in the Visual Effects Society, Women in Animation, Geek Girls, Wonder Women and invites to Tory Burch ambition events allows me access to people who will uplift my creations. Our investment in each other will likely cause an evolution of your industry as transformational waves is the secret sauce I love to travel with. You can taste some by contacting me jewelsrottiers@gmail.com

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