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Charlie Tangaroa and the Creature from the Sea
Aug. 17, 2021
Tania Roxborogh
Children's: Middle Grade Fiction
On a beach clean-up, thirteen-year-old one-legged Charlie and his half-brother, Robbie, find a ponaturi – a mermaid – washed up on a beach. An ancient grudge between the Māori gods Tāne and Tangaroa has flared up because a port being built in the bay is degrading the ocean and creatures are fleeing the sea. This has reignited anger between the gods, which breaks out in storms, earthquakes and huge seas. The human world and realm of the gods are thrown into chaos. The ponaturi believes Charlie is the only one who can stop the destruction because his stump is a sign that he straddles both worlds. So begins Charlie’s journey to find a way to reunite the gods, realise the power in the ancient songs his grandfather taught him, and discover why he was the one for the task.
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Winner of the Wright Family Foundation Esther Glen Junior Fiction Award and the Supreme Award, the Margaret Mahy Book of the Year Award 2021. A thrilling mix of Maori lore and legend skillfully woven into a contemporary setting. Charlie - our inspirational hero - is a role model for all readers.
Vicki Marsdon
High Spot Literary
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