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Aug. 17, 2021
Cait Levin
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Cameron Goldberg has always felt compelled to create techy things, like the ring she implanted with an NFC chip, allowing her to open school doors with just a wave of her hand. But when she finally gets the chance to take a computer science elective, Cam discovers how unwelcome she is there. Faced with sexist taunts that go unchecked by the teacher, Cam leans on her best friend Viv while working with fellow misfit Jackson, a misanthropic gamer, to develop an app that exposes obstacles faced by women in STEM — a project that sadly meets with little success. Now further motivated to push back against male hazing and her own imposter syndrome, Cam conspires with Viv to engineer their way into an extracurricular RoboSub club that ultimately lands them in a national competition, placing Cam’s talent on full display, but forcing collaboration with the boys who’ve opposed her all semester. MOXIE x CLICK'D (58K) Targets young YA with MG crossover potential.
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Cait received a BA in creative writing at Barnard College and an MA in English literature at Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English. The former editorial manager at She Writes Press, Cait worked in the publishing industry for over ten years. She is also an educator whose experience spans pre-K through high school with emphasis on reading, writing, and the humanities. Cait regularly speaks at conferences for both publishing professionals and librarians, including BEA, Muse and the Marketplace, and the Association for Independent School Librarians.
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