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July 19, 2021
Jan Yager, Ph.D.
Non-fiction: Memoir
The subtitle of this new memoir is A RELFECTION ON A WRITER'S LIFE. Before my own company self-publishes this memoir, I want to offer it to another U.S/Canada publisher (although I am open to world English language rights) as well as individual countries for translations.

The role model book for this new book is the enormously successful classic BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott originally published by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group in 1995.

As Lamott did in her memoir, rather than just write a memoir about my life, I am including "writer lessons" journey as a writer --my first nonfiction book was published by Scribner when I was 26 and I went on an international author tour to the UK for the British edition that same year -- through my early 70s with my 54th book about to be published by a major academic house -- and what those experiences taught me. The very first "writing lesson" was how I used being a latch key kid at the age of 10 - when my mother went back to teaching fulltime and I was alone from after school till she got home at 7 two days a week - to write my first novel. I used that time to learn that there is a big difference between alone time and loneliness. From that moment, through all the years that followed, I have made the most of time alone to be creative.

Over the years of my writing career -- which is still going strong with more than 50 books published in 32 languages -- I interviewed Albert Speer in Heidelberg right after he got out of serving 25 years in Spandau prison. He was the highest ranking Nazi administrator to escape the gallows at Nuremberg. It was said that was because he was the only one for apologize for what he did.

I have also interviewed playwright Harold Pinter in London, Jim Henson, the puppeteer in New York City in his office, actors and actresses Cliff Robertson, Dina Merrill, Estelle Parsons, Rip Torn, and many others; I interviewed many bestselling authors including Peter Maas and Gay Talese. The memoir will discuss why, with five successful nonfiction books published by the major houses - Scribner, Atheneum, Grove Press -- I decided to get a Ph.D. in Sociology and to combine college teaching with my writing career. (I was also a visiting professor at Penn State for a semester, teaching two writing courses. It was there that I met Sam Vaughan, the former head of Doubleday. (He was a visiting alumni, talking about publishing and his career to the students.) Sam was a mentor and he actually paid me to write a book for Doubleday on the office. He was a visionary since that book, MAKING YOUR OFFICE WORK FOR YOU, was way ahead of its time! Now EVERYONE wants to know about how to make their home office more workable! (MAKING YOUR OFFICE WORK FOR YOU dealt with the outside office as well.)
One of my key concerns is to motivate younger writers and journalists to GET BACK INTO THE FIELD. Too many are doing interviews via e-mail or by phone (and now by Zoom) and this trend was going on way before the pandemic. It is so important to get into the field and meet interviewees in person, although of course it has to be safe.

But I can't believe I sent myself to Belfast at the height of the conflict there because I wanted to do research on violence. What was I thinking!!! I was single then and took more chances than I would allow myself to take once I was happily married, raising two sons, who are now adults with sons of their own!

Just some of the other important events this memoir covers--
--The year I was the right hand person to Barney Rosset, legendary founder of Grove Press, learning foreign rights, permissions, acquisitions, sales and marketing, and publicity.
--The two years I worked at Macmillan Publishing Company, my first job in publishing, and why I think working at a major publisher is a great way for writers to start their careers (and possibly even continue it, until they are a bestseller)
--How I landed TV interviews myself with Joe franklin (my very first, without even a book to promote!) as well as being interviewed on the TODAY SHOW (through my publisher, Scriber, and though my own efforts), THE VIEW, and OPRAH, among other shows, including several national and international author tours
--Why writing an amazing book proposal is still the best way to get your foot in the door with a literary agent and/or publisher
--Is self-publishing for you? (I am the author of HOW TO SELF-PUBLISH YOUR BOOK, published by Square One Publishers. Hannacroix Creek Books has foreign rights.)
--Why I started my own small press but still get published by major, indie, and academic houses.
and lots more

I always tell people that some of the best decisions I have made in my lifetime have been to marry my husband, Fred, to have our two children, which has led to having our grandchildren, to becoming a writer and publishing that first book, and every book that followed, to getting my Ph.D., and to include college teaching in my life so I am not just an isolated writer.

Many aspiring and published writers focus on what their writing does for their readers. That is of course very important. But how anything and everything you write transforms the writer is one of the gifts of writing that needs to be highlighted.

Of course every writer is unique and the world of writing and books is a lot different from when I started out in the 1970s. But there are some truisms that remain the same and through my own experiences hopefully readers will gain insights and information that will help them as they write their own books, articles, or blogs, and forge their own unique lives as a writer.

LOOKING BACKWARD, GOING FORWARD is illustrated with my original art work. (I have had two retrospective art shows of my paintings, drawings, and collages with the first show, held at the National Arts Club in Manhattan, attended by famed artists Lee Krasner and Colleen Browning. The second retrospective was in 2017)
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Contact me at jyager@aol.com or hannacroix@aol.com if you want to find out more about the availability of LOOKING BACKWARD, GOING FORWARD for your market.
Jan Yager
Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc
fax: 2039680193
1127 High Ridge Road, #110, Stamford, CT 06905
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