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The Butterfly Lovers
July 14, 2021
TANG Yaming (text), YU Hongcheng (illustration)
International rights: Children's
​It is the first book of the Chinese traditional culture picture series,
which is a masterpiece reiterated by picture book master, TANG Yaming of the Japan Fukuinkan.
Having gained the Central Academy Awards, this book is a gift of love and beauty for each child.
The writer spent one year in polishing this book, he combined the elements of shadow plays with the composition of traditional ink paints.
YU Hongcheng condensed the Butterfly Love Story of Liang ​Shanbo ​and Zhu ​Yingtai ​into 17 beautiful scenes, so that readers can easily understand the love and beauty in Chinese traditional culture when appreciating the pictures.

The book has been selected by ​2016 Frankfurt Book Fair.
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All languages.
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Basic information:
Published language: Simplified Chinese
44 pages, picture book, for 4~10 years' old
Publication date: September 2015
Sales: 30,000 copies sold
Rights available: all languages.

English translation available.​

About the author:​
​​TANG Yaming, the president of Japanese Literary and Art Association of Overseas Chinese Residents,Councilor of Chinese Professors in Japan Association, Member of Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association in Japan. Settled in Tokyo.

​About the illustrator:
​​Yu Hongcheng: Winner of several children’s book awards in both China and abroad.
After receiving her bachelor’s degree from CAFA in 2011, Yu left for the UK in 2012 to pursue her master’s degree in illustration and printmaking.
After graduation, she has been dedicated to creating original Chinese picture books.
Despite of her excellent works​ ​Butterfly Lovers and Ambush from All Sides, the one titled Food on Our Plate helped Yu win the 2016 Bologna Children’s Book Fair - International Award for Illustration, the 2016 Laurel Children’s Book Award, and the 2016 Teachers’ Recommended Top Ten Children’s Book Award.
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