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My Way
July 7, 2021
Svjetlan Junaković (text & illustration)
International rights: Children's
The toddler got his first pair of shoes. He grew up and became the orchestra cellist, playing wonderful music. He first tasted the sweet of love, experienced the tenderness between man and woman. Since then, he stayed away from home. On the way, he met all kinds of passengers, letting him feel so wonderful and live a full life. Finally, he returned to his birth city. Everything seems unchanged, the streets and crowds, just like in the past. Of course, the pairs of shoes owned by everyone are still there.

-The short film of the same name, adapted from this book, has won several awards.
-Comparing shoes to growth, it shows people’s life in changes.
-In our life, although we have different approach we can find the similarity.
-Everyone has a road of their own. Hope we can take every step seriously.
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Kris Guo
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