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Granny Ding
June 14, 2021
text by MAO Mao, illustration by YANG Zongming
International rights: Children's
The picture book tells the story of Granny Ding, who was thin, walking through the forest to eat dinner at her daughter’s house. Unfortunately, she was blocked by wolf, bear and tiger in succession. The old lady remained calm and came up with solutions to head off the danger. This story, in addition to entertain the little readers, aims to teach them to remain calm when in danger, use their wits to figure a way out.
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Mao Mao (with autonym as Zheng Bingqing): A signed picture book writer with Yourbay and co-founder of July Caterpillar Studio. She has been actively participating in children’s reading promotion activities (including three-dimensional reading). She holds the Master’s Degree in the major of communications.

Yang Zongming: Original picture book illustrator, animation designer, creative and artistic director of July Caterpillar Studio. He has created the picture book Dolphin and Boy and the children’s literature series “Flower Elf ”.
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