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THE VIRAL SURGE: A Resident Doctor's Account of the New York COVID-19 First Surge
June 12, 2021
Dr. Kayla Guidry
Non-fiction: General/Other
Enter into the New York City / Westchester County COVID-19 viral storm. Dr. Guidry is a young resident doctor, in the middle of training. COVID-19 hits, and everything she knows changes. Supplies run short, staff are placed in conditions they are not trained for as the globe explodes. Residents take on attending level roles at night time in the surge COVID-19 ICUs, previously twelve beds, now a multi-unit housing upwards of sixty patients, most on ventilators. Follow day by day in the 'story behind the story', what really happened in March and April of 2020 in New York and Westchester County. How did it affect patients, their families, the doctor-patient role? What happens when a co-resident doctor get sick, and is admitted to the ICU?

Perserverance happens, and a life-changing story emerges.
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