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El libro de las explicaciones (The Book of Explanations)
June 9, 2021
Tedi López Mills
Fiction: General/Other
Always attentive to extend the limits of her writing, to hybridize and enhance literary genres, Tedi López Mills gives her readers this unusual and surprising book. Every day we hunt for explanations, answers that guide us through the labyrinths of existence: in this dialogue between the most intimate conscience and the mysteries of everyday life, López Mills traces the trail of her own identity. Through the question as sustenance of metaphysics, she advances boldly and daringly through land that shines with his gaze. The name, memory and family, the construction of reality, the sentimental education of books, the company of cats and habits that grew up unintentionally and to which it is no longer possible to give up this book of explanations brings together thirteen essays, a journey into a spirit, that of Tedi López Mills, unmistakable voice of Mexican literature, which with this unusual work reveals a world where the past clarifies the complexity of the present.
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Tedi López Mills was born in Mexico City in 1959. She has published ten books of poetry, several of which have received national prizes in Mexico: Cinco estaciones, Un lugar ajeno, Segunda persona (Efraín Huerta National Poetry Award), Glosas, Horas, Luz por aire y agua, Un jardín, cinco noches (y otros poemas), Contracorriente (José Fuentes Mares National Literature Award), Parafrasear, and Muerte en la rúa Augusta (Xavier Villaurrutia Prize) and the collection of essays, Libro de las explicaciones (Editorial Almadía, 2012). Against the Current was published in 2016 by Phoneme Media.
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