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The Fragility of Bodies (La fragilidad de los cuerpos)
June 8, 2021
Sergio Olguín
Digital: Fiction: Thriller
When Veronica Rosenthal hears about the suicide of a local train driver who left a note confessing to four mortal ’accidents’ on the train tracks, she decides to investigate. For the police the case is closed (suicide is suicide), for Veronica it is the beginning of a journey that takes her into an unfamiliar world of grinding poverty, junkie infested neighborhoods, and train drivers haunted by the memory of bodies being hit at high speed by their locomotives in the middle of the night. Aided by a train driver with whom she has a tumultuous and reckless love affair, a junkie in rehab, and two street kids willing to risk everything for a can of Coke, she uncovers a group of men involved in betting on working-class youngsters convinced to play Russian roulette by standing in front of fast-coming trains to see who endures the longest. Sensual and terse, the novel is also fiercely critical of a system that tolerates the powerful and wealthy of Buenos Aires putting the lives of young boys at risk for their entertainment.
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German, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, Polish, Finnish.
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Spanish: Suma de letras, Alfaguara English: Bitter Lemon Press French: Actes sud Italian: Mondadori
Other Information:
Sergio’s Olguín work is a candidate to the Sur Program by Argentinian Government, a financial support to translations.

The Program has been launched with the purpose of promoting translations of works by Argentinian authors to ease editions in foreign languages and spread its ideas and values around the world. The subsidies are given to international editors under the commitment of publishing the work on the established dates.
Verónica Flores
VF Agencia Literaria
phone: 521 55 25 12 45 49
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