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Imagination of the Tang Dynasty: 7 Dimensions of the Flourishing Tang Dynasty
June 8, 2021
Pu Shi and Qiu Lian
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The book - Imagination of the Tang Dynasty restores the style and features of the flourishing Tang Dynasty, and presents its elegance and talent in the flourishing age from seven aspects of city, Tang poem and wine culture, female, religion, Hu style, good food and relationship with the world.
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Pu Shi, graduating from School of International Studies, Peking University, has been serving as chief editor in Sanlian Life Week from 2008, and has been engaging in the report on international politics and economy, culture and technology.

Qiu Lian, chief reporter of Sanlian Life Week , graduated from Tsinghua University with a major of Comparative Literature and Culture Research, and obtained a master's degree of International News from Baylor University.
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