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Bankrupted Civilization
June 8, 2021
Mian Mian
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This book selects the representative ancient civilizations and countries, and incarnates them as "modern companies". By a humorous words about "how to operate a civilized company", this book narrates the rise and fall history of the “companies” and deep roots behind it from geography, politics, culture, economy and military, analyzes how these civilizations flourished and finally declined, and expounds the historical heritages (such as culture, system, technology and art) left by these civilizations to humans.

Additionally, this book also mainly introduces the entanglements such as clashes and conflicts among these civilizations, making the chapters of the book more closely linked and more stereoscopic, and analyzes how the exchanges among the civilizations generated, and what results were caused. This book comprehensively summarizes and sorts out the ancient civilizations, and is a good popular literature for understanding the process of civilizations and cultures.
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Mian Mian, former engineer of State Grid Corporation, has lived in North America for nearly a decade, and has worked, studied and traveled in different countries in the continents for a long term. Meanwhile, Mian Mian loves different civilizations and their histories and cultures. Mian Mian is currently a special columnist, has 135,000 fans in history and technology on Zhihu, and is also a contract writer of Douban.
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