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May 30, 2021
J.Duncan Schaper
Fiction: Thriller
The murder of the estranged Dr. Gaffney sets Mia Freamon, Christine Pizan, and Ellel Path onto a thrilling course that may result in the mass sterilization of all men. But that's a good thing right? A story that explores radical feminism, guilt, trauma, ambition, and psychotic obsession, where decades of abuse and dedication culminate in a few short days, NEUTER's encompassing descent will leave you scared of a new paradigm. What is liberation? and what would it truly take? What is the patriarchy and what would a matriarchy look like? Can feminism prevail without becoming militant? Can anyone face extremism without becoming what they set out to destroy? NEUTER survives the Bechdel test and comes out the other side with a handgun and a chemical castrate.
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J. Duncan Schaper
Landover, MD 20785
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