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La vida alegre / The Joyful Life
May 27, 2021
Daniel Centeno Maldonado
Fiction: General/Other
*A novel that returns to the Venezuela of music and joy*

Dalio let out a laugh that could well have been heard without the microphone. He brandished his maracas and thought he saw a Virgin Mary passing at the back of the room followed by a tiger.

An old bolero glory and a frustrated rocker meet. Two ways of seeing the world converge in a project as implausible as their society that, they hope, will lead them to the treasures of that elusive glory.

At times mischievous and cynical, Dalio will find in the young Poli the accomplice for his return to the stage, regardless of the methods used to achieve it. The happy life is the X-ray of a friendship, as well as a survival manual in a narrative key; it is a story that establishes the importance of music to alleviate all the shipwrecks of life itself.
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World rights except Spanish.
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Spanish: Alfagura (Penguin Random House)
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Verónica Flores
VF Agencia Literaria
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