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Brain Repair
May 27, 2021
Yao Nailin
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This is a popular science book on brain science and discusses the law of brain from the perspective of mental disorder and brain damage. This book will help you to understand the mental symptoms that bother you such as anxiety, depression, obsession, procrastination, social phobia and insomnia, and meanwhile enable you to understand the underlying law of brain cognition functions such as concentration, memory and creativity. By fully reading this book, you will know how to correctly deal with your troubles in pressure, emotion and cognition in life, and how to master the correct thinking and living habits to improve your learning and work performance.
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Yao Nailin, post-doctor of psychologic medicine at Yale University, doctor of psychologic medicine at Hong Kong University and bachelor of psychology at Zhejiang University, has engaged in the brain science research for years, and published over 10 research articles in the world famous journals. Yao Nailin's
research involves observation of schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, and other mental, neural and aging related diseases by brain imaging.
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