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Niebla ardiente
Dec. 3, 2021
Laura Baeza
Fiction: Debut
While she was watching the news, Esther Anderson, a Mexican editor and translator based in Barcelona sees a terrifying image: a woman walks among strangers during a protest in Mexico. As if it was a vision, Esther identifies her sister Irene, presumedly killed ten years earlier after her escape from a psychiatric clinic.
Back and forth on her childhood memories, Esther recreates the highlights in her life: her early years in Veracruz, the dysfunctional family she was part of, the way she lived in Mexico City during the ’90s, and, sadly, how Irene's schizophrenia toke over those around her. With the help of her boyfriend Bernardo and Octavio, a former journalist, she goes after the truth of her sister, unveiling the real situation of Mexican women and the places they got lost in.
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World rights.
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Spanish: Mexico/Spain.
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Niebla ardiente has been selected as part of Mapa de las Lenguas inniciative by Penguin Random House Spain.
Veronica Flores
VF Agencia Literaria
phone: 521 55 25 12 45 49
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