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El amante de Janis Joplin
May 26, 2021
Élmer Mendoza
Fiction: General/Other
Since David Valenzuela killed one of the Castro brothers, known drug traffickers from Sinaloa, his life has become a continuous full of lucky shots. He gets to know the most diverse characters: he contacts the guerrilla; he witnesses the dark side of the police; travels with a baseball team to Los Angeles, where he is about to get hired by The Dodgers, falls in love with Janis Joplin after an incredible encounter; and strengthens his friendship with ’Cholo’, a humble but ambitious narco. From then on, obsessed with seeing Janis again, he will overcome all kinds of obstacles.
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All languages excluding: English, French and Russian.
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English, French, Russian and Television Rights.
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Winner of the XVII José Fuentes Mares National Literature Prize.
Veronica Flores
VF Agencia Literaria
phone: 521 55 25 12 45 49
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