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Who Stole My Sleep?
May 25, 2021
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The story of "Who Stole My Sleep?" comes from Tagore children’s poem Sleep-stealer. The book is started with an open proposition Who stole my sleep, the readers then are guided to imagine the sleep stealer in their mind.It is time to go to bed but I couldn’t get to sleep at all. What makes me sleepless? Is it because I had too much candy before going to bed? I start counting sleep to get to sleep but it is not helpful at all. I want to know who stole my sleep. How does it look like? Is it my toy? Something with lot of teeth, probably with black hair all around…... who stole his sleep? An interesting and infinite imagination game is getting stared.
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TOYOU, formally known as Taoyu Li ,illustrator, freelancer. He received his bachelor's degree and master's degree in illustration from the University of Arts London, UK. His works have won many awards at home and abroad, and have been exhibited in China, Britain, Poland, and other countries. He likes new things, photography and traveling, He dream of being like a child and living a simple life, telling stories to more people with his own works.


2016 3X3 International Illustration Show Bronze Award. / 2016 He was invited with another 34 graduate illustrators the “Bright Young Things” Exhibition organized byPan Macmillan Art Space in London.

2017 Hiii Illustration Best of the Best Award. / 2017 His work has been selected for Clairvoyant 2016 Exhibition on Warsaw Book Fair.

2018 Winner awards of Creative Quarterly 52. / Hiii Illustration Excellence Awards / iJUNGLE illustration New Talent awards

2019 Winner awards of Creative Quarterly 56 / 3X3 International Illustration Show Merit Awards

2020 iJUNGLE illustration Merit Awards Books.
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