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Life Code 2: Popular Science Knowledge on Gene Everybody Cares About
May 24, 2021
Yin Ye
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Everybody feels insecure under the epidemic situation. Why can the COVID-19 easily defeat human beings? Is it possible for humans to be immortal? How to back up our lives? How to let "tumor" get the hell out...
In fact, the answers to these questions lie in the genetics and environment. You can live a better life by understanding the essence of virus, gene and life.

This book consists of four parts to interpret the evolution of plants, reveal the mystery of animals, pay attention to the health of humans, and look forward to the genetic science, and expounds the genetic science knowledge closely rela ted to humans from four perspectives.
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Yin Ye is CEO of BGI Genomics, doctor of University of Copenhagen and researcher of genomics. After graduation, he joined BGI Genomics, and once presided over and participated in nearly 100 international genome cooperation projects. He was a main participant in the scientific researches of "SARS" and "COVID-19", and published over 60 papers (including co-authored papers) in the world famous academic periodicals including the Nature. Yin Ye has initiated and supported numerous public scientific research plans.
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