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The Psychology of Lying
May 23, 2021
Fu Xiaolan
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Based on the frontier research results of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, The Psychology of Lying systematically and comprehensively analyzes external laws and internal mechanisms of lie detection by starting from definition of lie, occurring mechanism of lying, micro-expression and other body languages, lie detection under the assistance of intelligent technologies, effective training of lie detection, and other aspects.

You can benefit greatly in the process of reading this book no matter whether you are an ordinary reader who hopes to maintain a sober thinking and rational thinking in daily life, or a student and scientific worker in psychology, cognitive science, sociology, criminology and other disciplines, or a professional engaging in the actual work in justice, public security, criminal investigation, security inspection and customs, etc.
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Fu Xiaolan is director of Institute of Psychology, CAS, head of Department of Psychology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, former chairman of Chinese Psychological Society, and doctoral tutor.
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