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The Story of Modern Chinese Typography
May 21, 2021
Zhou Bo
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In the past five years, the author of this book has collected a large amount of first-hand information, interviewed many old and young designers in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and visited many collectors in the form of "graphic history", highlighting representative font designers and their design works, as well as important events affecting the development of typography, clearly sorting out the evolution path of Chinese typography in modern China and the inheritance of design spirit, also reflecting how the designer's feelings for fonts can be demonstrated under the background of the big era; at the same time, many gradually forgotten text design works can be reproduced, and nearly 500 precious text design works have been presented to font design practitioners and enthusiasts.
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" The Story of Modern Chinese Typography " records a wonderful development path in the history of Chinese design. It is easy to read, worth reading, and has important academic value. It is beautiful, with rich pictures and texts, and many forgotten text design works have renewed their brilliance, bringing inspiration to designers and bring the joy of viewing!
Modern Chinese character design has gone through a magnificent, ups and downs development process like Chinese society, leaving us with a rich visual cultural heritage.
This book presents this valuable information to designers and scholars, especially many design students, it is very valuable!
——by Wang Min, deputy director of the Academic Committee of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, professor, AGI member

Typography is not only the king of visual communication design, but also the source of the development of cultural traditions. It not only hides the secrets of historical speech, but also contains the secrets of Chinese life.
Zhou Bo’s book shows us a magnificent picture of five thousand years of written wisdom. I think this is one of the most outstanding achievements in the study of Chinese design history so far.
——by Hang Jian, Vice President and Professor of China Academy of Art

Modern Chinese character design is an important representation of China's modern history and culture.
This book systematically studies and organizes the history of modern Chinese character design, and examines the character design in the context of the historical process of Chinese modernization and the political, economic and cultural changes.
It not only provides us with a lot of precious design literature and historical information, helps designers and students to go beyond the simple attention to the text and font form itself, but also lays a solid foundation for us to explore the methods and roads of future Chinese character design.
——by Song Xiewei, Dean of the School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Professor, AGI member

This book presents a complete picture of the development of the history of modern Chinese character design with extremely rich image data and historical narratives with clear context and concise text. It is the latest achievement of the research on the history of Chinese character design, but its significance goes far beyond the field of text design.
The study of modern Chinese culture since the Qing Dynasty also has important academic significance.
Between design and concept, vision and text, tradition and radicalness, the author firmly believes that “the history, culture and aesthetics of text design will definitely provide us with more lasting value”, and contains wise thinking about history and the future and full of beauty.
——by Li Gongming, Professor of Art History Department, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Here is the mine of Chinese character design, here is the treasure house of Chinese character design, here is the password of Chinese character design, and here is the time and space tunnel of Chinese character design.
——by Qiu Yin, the design director of FounderType, senior type designer
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