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May 20, 2021
International rights
This series focus on the art creation of Cyberpunk & Steampunk, excavate the visual and cultural connotation from multiple dimensions, and purifie the profound and diversified concept of the two genres with the form of art presentation. In addition to presenting a variety of art works for readers to appreciate, the series also invite artists to provide some process images of their work, showing the readers how a Cyberpunk or Steampunk project works from concept to finished. The large-type binding design ensures a comfortable presentation of the content, from which readers will enter an immersive, seductive world.
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All rights available. English translation available.
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Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese.
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This is a collection and appreciation of multi-form Cyberpunk & Steampunk works; a presentation of the creative process of Cyberpunk & Steampunk works.
Kris Guo
Jade Literary Agency
phone: +86 136 7624 7207
402, Building B, No. 289, Weihai Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 511498
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