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May 18, 2021
Carole Declercq
Fiction: General/Other

After the dramatic dismantling of the camp of Idomeni, in Macedonia, Feriel, a little Afghan girl, tries to reach Austria with her brother. They will meet an old woman, who will change the course of their tragic story.

The Work
The camp of Idomeni in Macedonia, whose accommodation conditions for migrants are terrible, has just been dismantled. Even if the road to the Balkans will not reopen. Every day, every night, more migrants are turned away at the border, and many young people have disappeared into the wilderness. Feriel, a little Afghan girl trying to reach Austria with her brother is a painful example. Having no other alternative but to leave the camp, at the risk of being forced to return to Afghanistan, they take refuge in the surrounding mountains.
But a meeting, a sharing with Elliniki, a very old Greek lady who lives in a secluded place in the wild Paiko massif will change the course of this tragic story.
Overwhelmed by so much misery, she will open her heart, which had been closed off by her own history, that of a people uprooted by war. She reaches out to the two teenagers to welcome them into her modest home.
She will display cleverness and love for these two exiles lost in a strange world far from their sufferings. So different but not indifferent ...

The Author
A teacher of literature and ancient languages, with a passion for history, sociology and life stories, Carole Declercq cannot imagine writing without anchoring her actions in a historical or social context that leads us to reflect and resonate with characters who are always strong, romantic, almost emblematic. Disarticulating the psychological mechanics that provoke gesture, action, commitment, this is what she likes when she writes. She loves Elsewhere and Others. Writing is also for her to carry the voice of those who do not dare.

Key Sales Points
- The tragedy of migrants in Europe, a hot topic!
- The Idomeni camp, a humanitarian catastrophy in
Europe, a terrible context where Carole Declercq
describes a luminous story where a meeting makes
everything possible ...
- A powerful story told with sensitivity, poetry and even
a touch of humour.

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FORMAT: 150 x 220 | PAGES: 219 | WORDS: 54,000
Yannaelle Boucher
Leor Literary Agency
phone: +337 67 69 39 13
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