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The Wartime Girls (Film-TV Rights)
May 10, 2021
M.B. Henry
Fiction: General/Other
The Wartime Girls is rich, meticulously-researched World War II fiction in the vein of Lilac Girls and The Baker’s Secret and follows the lives of five very different women over the course of twenty-four hours as D-Day unfolds. There are forbidden romances, treasonous alliances, painful losses, and mother/daughter conflicts, all against the backdrop of one of history’s most critical days.

The story interweaves between:

-MILDRED, an American radio star living in Berlin (based on the historical figure Mildred Gillars,aka “Axis Sally,” the first woman in the US convicted of treason)

-FLORA, a member of the French Resistance

-THEDA, a British medical volunteer in Portsmouth, a town just off the English Channel

-ADELAIDE, a woman desperate to reach her daughter in the French countryside

-EMILIA, a worker at the Caen Gestapo headquarters.

As the clock strikes midnight on June 6, each woman’s life shifts on its axis. When the world’s largest military invasion arrives on the French coast, they face difficult (and deadly) choices about duty, sacrifice, nd identity. In the most intense twenty-four hours of their lives, all five women summon unknown strength and make impossible decisions.
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To be published Spring 2022, Alcove Press
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The author, M.B. Henry, has served as a historical consultant and researcher on films and TV, including for two seasons on The Originals, and she’s working hard to build her platform. She maintains an active website and blog and currently has over 2,600 followers on Twitter.
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