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May 10, 2021
Evan Baldock
Fiction: Thriller
Intrigued by Islam and wanting to learn more, Louise applies to work her gap year in Afghanistan where she meets Haasim who, unbeknown to her, is a member of a terrorist group. She is persuaded to join their meetings where, over several months, she is brainwashed and radicalised. Her gap year is cut short and she returns to the UK as a 'sleeper', and is prepared to carry out acts of terrorism.

Louise falls in love with Adam, a high-flying MP, but remains loyal to 'the cause.' Despite carrying out terrible acts, deep inside she believes that Islam is a kind and loving religion. Could she break through the fog of brainwashing before it was too late?

After committing a horrendous act, something snaps. For the first time in years, she could see her actions were wrong. She refuses to carry out further acts, and bitterly regrets everything she has done, committing herself to spending the rest of her life promoting the good in Islam.

The group demand she carry out one final act, striking at the heart of the UK Government. Her refusal is met with threats to her children. As the pressure builds, will Louise buckle and agree to one last act, against everything she now believes in? Or will she come to her senses and come clean?

EVAN BALDOCK was born in Kent and has 30 years service in the Metropolitan Police where he was one of the UK's first Football Intelligence Officers. For many years, he helped run the Soho Unit, specialising in combating drug dealing in the West End. During his career he frequently ran test purchase and buy-bust operations against drug dealers, resulting in the seizure of large amounts of drugs, and the successful prosecution of over 200 dealers, many of whom received lengthy prison sentences.

After retiring from the Metropolitan police in July 2011, Evan opened ‘Sweet Expectations’ in Kent, the UK’s first vegetarian sweet shop. In 2016 he sold the shop business and retired, before taking up writing in January 2019.
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