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Tom Woolberson and the School for Watchers
Apr. 23, 2021
K. J. Brookes
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Billed as a cleverer HARRY POTTER, Tom Woolberson was oblivious to the fact that his impending doom was circling overhead. When he awoke and found himself in a mysterious place that was unlike anywhere on Earth, he assumed the unthinkable had happened – that he had died (unfortunately… he was right).

Standing at the foot of an unimaginably tall tower, his destiny laid before him, he was greeted by a terrifying spectre known simply as ‘the Headmaster’, the Angel of Death (or at least ‘the spectre formally known as the Angel of Death’). What Tom would find at St Michael’s, along with friendship, adventure and blossoming young love, were the answers to the questions that had plagued him since the death of his brother. But little did he know, what he would find there would change his existence forever…
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