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Trapped in the Book
Apr. 5, 2021
Moon Nokjoo et al
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Promising Korean Sci-Fi writers all included in one title.
Eight distinctive episodes about books and bookstores.

Now is the Golden Age of Korean Sci-Fi scene. Stars are rising from the deep and long-lasted field of Korean Sci-Fi tradition. Eight writers leading this Belle Époque reveal their original imaginations in this title. Books and bookstores become the channels that invite us to their infinite affection towards the Sci-Fi world. Genre variations would provide great pleasure to the readers.

Laughter-bursting humor and ingenious ideas on every narrative and text produced by human beings, "Reverse-plagiarist" would allure the readers to a trap with a generous giggle-shower.

In "Successor of the Banned Book", a novel virus destroys all the wood and paper in the world. In consequence, people themselves replace the books, and only the rich can possess the human-book as well as the knowledge. And a 16-year-old young human-book dares to find its - or her - own liberty and life.

In "Library of Babel", J the AI enjoys a happy life in a huge web cloud world. However, as its colleague AI Alpha is on the brink of breaking down, J decides to go to the Library of Babel and find a paper book with source code to save Alpha. In the library, J meets a robot Moui-D and discovers the hidden goal of Moui-D.
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Table of Contents

Waiting for the Red Shoes by Kim Sung-il /
Successor of the Banned Book by Moon Nokjoo /
On December, at the corner bookstore by Song Kyung-ah /
Corner by Oh Seunghyun /
Library of Babel by Lee Kyunghee /
Reverse-plagiarist by Lee Jiyeon /
Beyond All the Rainbows by Jeon Heyjin /
Two Worlds by Cheon Seonran
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